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Have you ever considered what would happen to your family if you were to suffer from illness or injury and were unable to work? How would you all cope on a significantly reduced income? Would you have to move to a cheaper property? With the average expenditure of UK households running at £572.60 per week1 in 2018 taking inflation into account, could you cut back your monthly household expenses enough and what would that new lifestyle feel like?  

We strive towards building long term working relationships with all our clients and are dedicated to helping them through the good times and the bad.

Unfortunately, one of the risks to achieving your financial goals could be outside your control - the loss of your income. Whether it’s as a result of an illness or injury, it could have a devastating effect on you and your dependants.Income protection is designed to pay you a regular income should you suffer from illness or injury which results in a loss of earnings. With an income protection policy, you can protect yourself and your family against this loss of earnings.

Life & Critical illness

No one likes to consider the possibility of being diagnosed with a critical illness. You may think it will never happen, and quite possibly it never will. But you can never be sure. Unfortunately a critical illness can strike anyone at any time in their life.

What do you think is your most valuable asset?

The value of your car, your home and its contents all add up and you probably don’t think twice about getting them insured. But have you ever thought about how much you’re worth?

Your current combined income could mean you’re used to enjoying life, going on holiday and socialising with friends. Now think what would happen if that income suddenly stopped or was drastically reduced.
Unfortunately, you can’t rely on the state to maintain your current lifestyle. But putting the right protection plans in place can help safeguard both you and your partner against the financial impacts of critical illness, injury or death.

You can replace your house, computer or car but you can’t replace you, your spouse or partner. That’s why it’s important to make plans to help protect your financial future.

Family Protection

It is uncomfortable to think about, but if you died, were injured or suffered a critical illness, and didn’t have the right protection plans in place, who could your family rely on financially?

The right protection plans can help to safeguard your family’s financial future. For example, a cash sum could help repay the mortgage and a regular income could help maintain their current lifestyle.

Other Services we provide include:

Will Writing*
Inheritance Tax Planning
Individual Savings Accounts (ISA’s)

1 Office for National Statistics, 2018

* The Will Writing promoted here is not part of the Openwork offering and is offered in our own right. Openwork Limited accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business. Will Writing is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority".